“The ashes of the silenced snowed down upon those selected to live.”
~ Mort Laitner “A Hebraic Obsession

51UACr5qy+L._SL500_SY344_BO1,204,203,200_A ten-year old boy hides at the top of a stairwell listening to his father tell his harrowing
story-a story about almost being gassed to death in a Nazi concentration camp.
He doesn’t dare ask his father to explain. His dad offers no further details.

Follow Mort Laitner’s journey from childhood to retirement as he obsesses about his father, the Holocaust, Judaism, and life. Laitner learns about his father’s nightmarish travels during World War II from his father’s Holocaust tapes, from books describing how he worked as a doctor in slave labor camps, from a doctoral thesis on Holocaust studies, and from a transcript of his father’s testimony at a US military tribunal which led to a Nazi commandant’s death sentence. Clue by clue, missing details come to light describing that fateful day when his father stood naked and faced the gas chamber. Read the remarkable story of how Wolf Laitner was sent to Russia with a unit of 349 fellow Jewish prisoners in disguise. They were given German military training and uniforms bearing swastikas, then sent to Russia during Operation Barbarossa to work on the railway system. Hitch a ride across America, Europe, Asia and Africa, from the 1950s through the new millennium as Mort Laitner shares his family’s stories about survival, prejudice, luck, love, and miracles.


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  1. Richard M. Cohen

    “A Hebraic Obsession” by Mort Laitner is a fascinating book about the atrocities brought upon the Jewish people by the Nazis. Not only did this story touch the deepest recesses of my mind, it also brought about many tears as Mort’s father, Dr. Wolf Laitner, the protagonist in the book, was our family’s doctor. Mort was my classmate and his sister was my younger brother’s classmate. Mort’s parents, Dr. Wolf and his wife, Henia, were wonderful people! May G-d watch over their souls and protect Mirt and his sister and their families.

  2. Lois Gilbert

    Hi Mort, I’m Drew Thacher’s mother, Lois Gilbert. I live in Connecticut and I hope I can see “The Stairs” if it comes to a film festival closer to me. Thank you for having Drew participate in your film, I know he appreciated being a part of your story. I had a family member who went under ground to save many people during that terrible time.

    1. mortlaitner@bellsouth.net Post author

      I will definitely let you know if “The Stairs’ is accepted in a festival in New England.
      I talked to Drew the day of the shoot.
      He was an kind and considerate young man.
      After the film festival circuit run, I will send you a DVD of the movie.
      Sorry, I can not release it earlier.

      1. Lois Gilbert

        Thanks so much, a DVD would be great! It will be very special. I appreciate the nice words about Drew,I’m sure he would have been proud to see the success of “The Stairs”it’s a shame he couldn’t stick around a little longer.
        The best of luck to you and congratulations
        and I am looking forward to seeing the movie.

  3. Sandy Goldfarb

    I would love to see your film if it comes to Southern California (I live in Los Angeles) Your father was my doctor — I grew up in Woodridge/Glen Wild. My younger sister Linda is probably around your age.

  4. shirleyjones

    I remember dr. laitner he was our family dr. and delieverd a child for me. he helped me through many emotional issues. he was not only my dr. ut a good friendwhom I could always talk to .

  5. Noelia

    The Apple don’t fall far from the tree, Mort you are an exemplary man.
    Much respect and admiration to you!


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