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Mort Laitner (born May 16,1949 in Feldafing, Germany), is an American author, attorney and teacher. In 2014, he published his memoir, A Hebraic Obsession. He formally was the Chief Legal Counsel for the Miami-Dade County Health Department, where he handled high profile cases which were covered in the New York Times [1] and on CBS Evening News [2].  Laitner holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Education from the University of Miami and a Juris Doctorate from Southern University Law School.

Laitner is married to a teacher of the hard-of-hearing, Shelley Albom.

They have three children, Jason an attorney in Plantation, Florida, Travis a teacher in Broward County, Florida and Blake a writing student in Eugene, Oregon. They have one grandchild, Juliette who attends preschool.

In 1975, he published Les Cartes De Baton Rouge and An Analytical Approach For The Preparation of the Louisiana Bar Examination.

Laitner commenced writing short stories in 2005. He formally was the editor-in-chief of Healthy Stories from 2006-2012. In this series he published 50 short stories. He is the director of the South Florida Writers Association annual Mango Writers Conference.

In 2007, he produced and directed an independent film, entitled Pandemic.

Laitner teaches Law and Ethics at Barry University, Miami Shores, Florida and at Florida International University, Miami, Florida at the Masters level.

A resident of Cooper City, Florida, Laitner lectures throughout Florida on the subject of his father’s experiences during the Holocaust.


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