“The Stairs” The Movie is in the Can

imagesI can not believe it. “The Stairs” The Movie has been shot. The video is in the can–old school— or housed on the drive –new school. The venue was perfect—a house built in 1903. It looked like my Woodridge home. The owner, Elizabeth Zimmerman, who acted in the movie, is a real gem. She let the crew take over the whole house. This is the fourth time the house was used in making a film.

The cast and crew was very professional. Braun Baer Productions did a fabulous job. Thanks Hakym and Blake.

Dennis, the man who played my father, nailed the accent and the role. Watching him act gave me shivers down my spine.

Brandie, the AD, made sure the movie was shot in one long day. She is one tough cookie. We started at 11:00 am and ended at 11:00 pm. That is 12 hours to shoot a 10 minute film.

We almost produced the film within our limited budget.

What a great experience.

I can not wait to see the finished product.

Thanks to all my fans for their words of encouragement.

Special thanks to Shelley for all her help, assistance and moral support.