The Last Romance—A Mort Laitner Poem

jazz-clipart-A_saxophone_on_a_blue_background_110127-131236-032009“The Last Romance”

A Mort Laitner Poem

What if you knew that you were starting your last worldly romance?

That your next lover would be death.

How would you treat your new partner?

With your acquired wisdom of age, could you be more gentle or kind,

more tender or loving, more inspired or thoughtful, more spontaneous or free?

Giving more affection and less attitude.

Giving more melodic hugs and rhythmic kisses.

More in control of your emotions as if they were a Rhapsody in Blue.

A classical movement with a little less jazz.

A little less noise and a whole lot more music.

A little more selfless and a whole lot less selfish.

A little less Picasso and a whole lot more Rockwell.

Would you be willing to continually search for the elements that compose the equation of love?

Would you commit to make these changes if you knew it would be your last romance?


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What the readers are saying:

Quite often I can not get into poems but this one is good.— Marianne

Very good, Mort I like it.—Ulrich

Before I started my last worldly romance, I would sing a little song, do a little dance, squirt a little seltzer down my pants.—Barry

Nice… —Terry

It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.—Evilio