The Last Flight to Moscow







The Last Flight to Moscow–Satire by Mort Laitner

Narrator:The last time we heard from our nefarious duo was when CNN reported that they attended the “Russian Adoption” meeting in Trump Tower.

We now find our favorite Russian spies back in the White House.

Boris: Natasha dahlink, ve just got a new assignment from our Fearless Leader.

Natasha: My villainous lover have you used your top secret decoder ring to translate the assignment?

Boris: Da, my caviar cutie. It says ve have to arrange for secret flights from Reagan International to Havana and then on to Moscow. They have only given us initials of the passengers they want transported. They are FedExing us special ankle bracelet disabling devises. We are to pick up the two gentlemen in their homes. rush them to the airport, get them on the private jet and accompany them to Moscow.

Natasha: Boris baby, vhat are their initials?

Boris: P.M. and R.G. Our Fearless Leader has offered them Russian citizenship, a yearly stipend and a condo in Moscow, and a dasha on Lake Nogoodnik.

Natasha: Vhen is this activity going to take place?

Boris: Vhen the President says the secret code vord “covfefe” on TV, ve go into action.

Natasha: Boris dahlink, it vill be so good being home in Moscow. I can’t vait until the Prez says that code vord. By the vay, vhat does covfefe mean?

Boris: My sweet smelling breath of vodka, It means nothing. The Fearless Leader made it up and told the Donald to use it in cases of emergency.