“The Elevator” A Mort Laitner Short Story

The Elevator

As I started down stairs the elevator door opened. There stood the Devil with outstretched claws, unshaved horns and a split tongue. The fallen angel beckoned, “Come on into my magic cube, it’s faster, and you can rest on the way down.”

“Sorry sir, is it a sin to not exercise the body given by the Lord? The vessel is made in his image.” I replied.

The personification of evil retorted, “Not pride, not envy, not anger, not sloth, not avarice, not gluttony, nor lechery. Seven deadly sins and riding in elevators ain’t on the list.”

To riding avoids physical labor. It makes the body weaker. Aquinas labels it sloth…the sluggishness of body and mind, in effect evil…the oppressor of man from good deeds. Only the strong and healthy can perform multiple good deeds.”

“What are you talking about? Aquinas knew not of what he spoke. There were no elevators during his era. Would your Lord allow the creation of this marvelous invention if it led to a venal sin?”

“There are many things placed on this earth to tempt man from the righteous way. You sir, from the super natural world must know why you exist.” I countered.

The Devil stared at my belly and asked, “Do think that exercise washes away your sin of gluttony?

And as the elevator door closed I replied, “No, but I refuse to be locked in that elevator or to be tempted by the likes of you.”







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