“The Collector”

Near Nazareth Winning laurel

From age 10 until age 16, I collected coins and stamps. I loved holding them in my hands. I stared  under a magnifying glass studying their designs as if I were a scientist searching for a cure to cancer. This was more than a hobby. This was pure pleasure. My collections were my buried treasure. They gave me a sense of worth.

Now at age 67, I have started a new collection. I now collect film festival paraphernalia: laurels, awards, admissions, logo-emblazoned festival tee shirts, film-festival movie tickets and winner certificates. I litter my office with these trophies wanting to surround myself with their love.

And here is the kicker.

I am getting that pure pleasure back into my life 51 years after I stopped collecting coins and stamps. The joy of collecting and fantasying treasure. My collector gene lied dormant only to pop back into my psyche with the acquisition of a new hobby.

So what is the moral of this short tale.

“It is never too late to acquire a new hobby and bring joy back into your life.”