“Testosterone” —A Mort Laitner Poem







A Mort Laitner Poem

How dare thee write about estrogen?
Stick to thy own gender’s bodily fluids.
Write about thy dropping testosterone levels!
Thy chemical imbalance!
Look at thyself in the reflecting glass!
Grab hold of thine ale belly.
Pull thy enlarged ears lobes that barely hear mine voice.

Thou are right. Thou are always right, my little chickadee.
But age has taken its toll on me.
Certain chemicals are harder to mine.
Tired eyes are harder to deceive.
Even as thy eyes sparkle with crow’s feet.
And other birds have captured other parts of thy body?
Thy plumage reflects a lighter shade of grey.
Thy figure holds the plumpness of a poulet.
Thy sharp parrot’s tongue siphons off more testosterone droplets
Than a camel drinks water in an oasis.

With all that-said and done, mine love, I must dare to write what my heart sees.
I have no choice.

SFWA_Larger_Logo-Birds196181734_246103242_logo“Testosterone” wins second place in The South Florida Writer’s Association in their monthly poetry contest. Thanks to the reading panel for this honor.

What the Readers are saying:

“Great poem.” —Michael

“Good one. I can relate.”—Steve

“Interesting.” —Jason

“I filled the prescription. It didn’t work.” —Maurice

‘How beautiful.” —Gina

“Good one.” —Barbara

Hooray emoticon—Lynn

Here, here. I am tired of all of this estrogen talk myself. well said, as usual.—Sue

“Love it!!!!”—Marianne

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