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Devorah by Dr.  Steve Leibowitz


“Devorah is a genre buster. At times like Fifty Shades meets the Bible; at other times a classic war story, but always a tale of spiritual renewal and faith rewarded. Strap yourself in and get ready for an exciting ride.”

It comes in book form, but it’s more than a book. It’s an experience, a whole person experience – spiritual, emotional and sexual.
No bells and whistles, no passwords or logins, never need to re-charge, completely wireless, just pick it up and read.
In the privacy of your own mind, wherever you are, read and experience.

Devorah is a true story, according to the Bible, about a woman 3,500 years ago, who led her people through times amazingly like our own. Think about then and now, experience the world as she experienced it and wonder how now, 3,500 years later, we’re still dealing with the same political, spiritual and sexual challenges she faced then.

Learn about one of the strongest, most powerful women in the Bible.

One hundred seventy five years after Moses led Israel out of Egypt, Devorah became the only female Judge over ancient Israel. The new novel  Devorah, The Covenant and The Scrolls, Book One, explores all aspects of Devorah’s life and times—political, spiritual and sexual.

Discover more about this fascinating woman and the amazing parallels between her era 3,500 years ago and our own:

Politically: Devorah had to keep the twelve tribes of Israel united. Will Americans—Tea Party followers and everyone else—find ways to come together for the common good?

Devora-800Spiritually: Devorah sought to find a balance between organized religion and spirituality. Today many wonder if it’s possible to believe in God but not religion.

Sexually: Devorah’s ally Yael sought to know, as many still do today, if erotic sensual sex can also be sacred sex and a pathway to spiritual renewal.

What does Devorah’s story tell about our own time? Are we still coping with the same political, spiritual, and sexual challenges?

Meet Devorah and explore these and other provocative, cutting-edge themes with author Dr. Steve Liebowitz. To schedule a reading and/or presentation, contact: drsteve (at ) or call 305-595-2338.

For more information, visit

Devorah is available from electronic publishers Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Smashwords, and Kindle for $3.99.

Print & digital versions of Devorah are available at:  Amazon

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