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Arts & Sciences by Mort Laitner

I opened my mailbox and pulled out the Fall addition of the University of Miami’s College of Arts (CAS) and Sciences quarterly magazine.

As a graduate of the CAS, I read the magazine from cover to cover. I remembered my glorious days as an undergraduate. 

Days of self exploration.

Days of trying to map out my future.

Days of asking, “Why am I here?”

At UM—I learned the meaning of commitment.

At UM—I made my commitment— to make a difference in the lives of others. 

At UM—I taught inner-city six graders to read.

At UM—I experienced different cultures—I praying in a Overtown church and drinking in a Liberty City bar.

At UM—I attended a pauper’s funeral and heard a county-jail prisoner evoke words of love to a  dead man he never met. 

At UM—I helped hand out free cheese to the less fortune.

I never questioned the value of a liberal arts education.

Where else can you learn the meaning of love and commitment.

On the back pages of the magazine, I found  “Class Notes”. A section divided by decades, in which graduates submit updates on their lives.

I scanned the 70s, there was my name and a blurb about my movie “The Stairs”.

Below my blurb, I saw a photo of Gloria Estefan. She graduated the College of Arts and Sciences in 1978. Now she is receiving the 2017 Kennedy Center Honors for her lifetime of contributions to American culture through the performing arts.

I thought, “What do I and Gloria have in common?

Well, we both went to UM’s College of Arts and Sciences and graduated with a degree in love and commitment.

What the readers are saying;



Thumbs up.— Elaine

Love it, Mort You have made a diff— a big diff. Ricki

Me too! English major plus Journalism.—Eva

Hi, Teresa. Please consider for January’s  ‘Authors Voice.”—Evelyn

Good one.— Barbara

Awww!  Touching. Thanks for sharing. — Sue


December 16, 2017

Coming Up Miami Beach Film Festival January 13-15 See “The Stairs”

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Here is a reminder for all the fans of “The Stairs”. See our movie and a lot of great short films (See titles and beautiful movie posters below) at the Marco Polo Hotel on Miami Beach.
For more info go to their Facebook page or contact us.

Official Festival Selections:

Are You Listening?

Around Downtown (Music Video)


Becoming Lana Liu


Black & White


Brew Master


Chains that Bind Us – Pilot

Closer -Soundtrack

Evil’s Evil Cousin

Eyes That Have Seen the Glory

Falcor – Alive 

First Love


Hell on Neptune

Hey Dad

In A Dream

Lost Cause

Mimi’s Misadventure

Miss Beverly Hills Ghost

Model No. Human



Pageant Dad


Prowler: The Terror of Santa Carla

Reality Disorder


Return of the Hat

Right Here or Over There

Rose Garden

Some Monsters


Tears of Joi


That’s Opportunity Knocking

The Bright Side

The Courtesy of Angels

The Gingerbread House Protocol

The Kosher Mutiny (Max’s Deli Pilot Episode)

The Last Degree

The Little Dictator

The ningyo (episode one)

The Opera Singer

The Rebeccas

The Revelation of Purgatory

The Rock Presents: Escape From Calypso Island,

A 360 VR Adventure

The Stairs

There Will Be Tomorrow

This Modern Man Is Beat

Three Wishes

Trailhead- Musical Score


Where Has All The Play Gone?

 Hope to see you at the festival. Mort

December 3, 2017

Author and Editor Watches “The Stairs” and is Moved to Tears

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Tallahassee resident, Phil Reichert, an editor of “A Hebraic Obsession” and a “Healthy Stories” author and editor recently watched “The Stairs”.

He was kind enough to email us his thoughts about the film.

Hi Mort,

I watched it immediately upon receipt. Of course, I was familiar with both the original short story and “A Hebraic Obsession.” The movie is well-cast and well-produced. The actors were perfect for their respective parts. I thought it was incredibly moving. And yes, there were a few tears. Anyway, great job all around. I can see why you continue to win awards for it.

I think the entire book would make a fine full-length feature.

Take care, my friend.


Phil, Thanks for all your kind words and all your help in making some of my dreams possible.

PS— The movie “The Stairs” is available for $20.00 (shipping and postage included) by sending a check made out to Mort Laitner, 8679 SW 51 Street, Cooper City, Florida 33328.

November 7, 2017