“New Horizons” A Mort Laitner Poem

“New Horizons” 19Ew2m-aRd-140x97

A Mort Laitner Poem

Ancient eyes scanned the stars connecting dots of light to create: a bull, a ram, a lion, a goat.

Searching for stories and meaning in the nightly skies,

For a clue or a message of who or how or why.

For nine years we waited for a flyby photo of a dwarf living inside a belt.

From three billion miles away an image flew to our lonely planet.

Which caused astro-scientists to see and say: “There is a heart painted on this Plutonian surface.”

But NASA failed to connect the dots.

Their scientific imaginations as limited as that of a bull or a goat.

How many hearts have they seen through their telescopes?

Who created it?

How was it created?

Why was it created?

Only shamans and poets know the answers.

To them the message is as clear as the image on the photo.

It is either an ominous warning or a heavenly greeting card.


What are the readers saying:

Thanks Mort! You know where it’s at!——Deborah
I will think of this poem each time I gaze to the heavens.—Lawrence

So nice poem, Mort—Hafiz Bashir Ahmad  Malghani—-From NASA WebMJrGdSxsite

Hey man, it took a lot of bright minds to get us there. If you can’t see the beauty and in their dedication…—Omid Ghassemi

Beautiful!— Eva

The last line connects all the dots well!—Steve Mort , your name is a love poem as is mine? Let’s connect the dots. —Patrick Good one.

—Michael Nice job! Mort—Louis 19Ew2m-aRd-140x97


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