LinkedIn— A Short Story


A Short Story by Mort Laitner


The email read:

Congratulate Gonny

LinkedIn-Prepare for your day and stay in touch.=20

Well LinkedIn it’s going to be tough to say in touch with Gonny because she passed away 12 months ago.

Should I congratulate her for making it into the afterlife?

Is it her one year work anniversary as an angel?

Why doesn’t LinkedIn have a hyperlink asking if still resides on this planet?

I clicked on her profile, observed her photo and remembered her soft features.

Is it too late to endorse her skills and expertise?

Did she get an iPad on admission to heaven?

What did I really know about her background?

LinkedIn asked, “Mort, would you like to recommend Gonny?”

Sure, she was a loving, caring poet with a heart of gold.

Then it hit me square between my teary eyes.

I typed:

Thank you LinkedIn:

For preparing me to think about my demise.

For letting me stay in touch with those I loved.

For creating a virtual cemetery for me to visit.

For linking me to friends that have long ago breathed their last gasp of air.

And forget about my hyperlink recommendation.

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