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computer-monitor-and-keyboard-clipart-PngMedium-computer-screen-keyboard-mouse-icon-15900I recently paraphrased  a quote from “Make Your Own Damn Movie” by Lloyd Kaufman which now reads, “If you got into the writing business to get rich or famous, you completely missed the point.”

So what is the point?

The point is writing is a gift— if you got it, use it.

The point is what your fingers produce on the keyboard are emotions not dollars.

The point is tears and laughs raise the human spirit. Nothing is more fulfilling for an author than seeing a tear or hearing a reader laugh. No price can be put on these experiences.

The point is that there is no scheme to make your writing into shekels. If it happens good. If it does not— enjoy the ride.

The point is that the ride is worth much more than a fist full of dollars.

The point is to always remember, the writer lives for his or her audience. Size does matter. Water, fertilize and give sunlight to your audience and it will grow.

Live for yours.

That is the point.

What the readers are saying:

Article selected for publication in the South Florida Writer’s Association publication the “Author’s Voice”—Issue 1 January 2016. Thanks Teresa Bendana Editor.

This is a wonderful piece.—Connie Goodman-Milone, President of the South Florida Writers Association

This is fantastic, Mort. I am sending it to my writers’ group for their newsletter.—Lois

One of my Tales2Inspire Winning authors just sent me this piece, which I thought might be a nice addition for our next newsletter, if space allows.
Warm regards,
Lois—Editor of Tales2Inspire
Thanks! Can’t wait to see your film!
And I do love to write; it is this phase of finding investors that’s hard.—Jill

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