“Estrogen” —A Mort Laitner Poem

“Estrogen ”


A Mort Laitner Poem

As she skated through the mall,
The middle-aged women smiled
Knowing she had estrogen left on the table.
Enough of it to make
Men’s heads turn.
She felt their eyes caress her body.
Many of her friends had depleted their supply.
She knew it and
Feared her day would come.
Men neglected to twist their necks as these depletes strolled by.
They felt no eye caresses.
They had converted into that Native American seated atop his broken horse.
With shoulders drooping,
head hanging low,
spear aimed toward the ground.
They had reached the end of their estrogen trail
And now shuffled through the mall.

Reader comments:

Is This poem a selfie? Consider the source!—- Patrick



Like very much. And to reflect: another instance of getting through a day by acting “as if” Or just closing her eyes and remembering. —Cara

Something to look forward to!!—Anita

Enjoyed the poem and as always ~~thank you for sharing.— Marianne

It says something about me (not pleasant) that I figured this out right away. —Penny


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