Early Reviews of Some Of Mort’s Stories

thEarly Reviews of Some of Mort’s Short Stories

“Sitting Shiva” by Mort Laitner


“Your sister just sent me this story. I am at work and I welled up with tears as I read it.” – Gail Gold, Chicago, Illinois


“It was a moving, powerful piece and beautifully portrayed the unique character of your father and his life changing influence on others, including the loving relationship you had with him. The emotions spun off the page into the reader’s heart. You produced a ground breaking vignette worthy of wide dissemination.” – Martin Sundel, Broward County, Florida


“OCD and the Grim Reaper” by Cami Ann Hofstadter


“Makes a person think about how they might be at the end of their life and how very important love is til the last heartbeat.” – John Holmes, Palatka, Florida.


“You are Beautiful” by Mort Laitner


“Thanks for your great story, kind words and interest in my sound artwork.” – Jim Green, Denver Colorado


“Thanks for sharing this lovely story with me. I agree that music and art would be great to install in hospitals and health care centers….it would be an uplift to the sick for healing and hospital staff to get away from their world for a few minutes in rest rooms or cafeterias.” – Tamar Scheinberg, Davie, Florida Department of Health


“You have a very positive outlook on life ~~ that is great. I learn from that!!!” – Marianne Steenbeek, Palatka, Florida


“Oh – I love it!” – Jennifer Townsend, South Florida


“The Dump” by Samantha Feanny


“I was happy to find it to be an actual poop story. I loved it.” – Phil Reichert, Tallahassee, Florida


“After the Stroke” by Deborah DeNicola


“A very touching story. Thanks for writing and publishing.” – Lynn MacKinnon, Miami, Florida


“The Happiness Paradox” by Mort Laitner


“As I get older, decent health, family ties, and valued relationships rise to the fore. Without the first one, there ain’t much you can do that satisfies.” – Martin Sundel, Broward County, Florida






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