A Mort Laitner Poem

A newborn found in its original fetal position screams for equality,

in a world devoid of agape.

Whose citizens lack good will

and have failed the categorical-imperative test.

A world whose leaders do not understand the meaning of consequentialism

except when ready to punish the pre-moral.

Political leaders protecting the rights of others solely out of their own

self-interest have borne

A valueless corporate society consisting of millions of “I-Its”.

Comments on poem:

“Mort, You are getting too intellectual for me!”—Elaine

“Wow Mort, You must have been in some mood!! It’s very good though.”— Martha

“Nice poem, Mort, and… thanks for teaching me a new word. Had not heard term consequentialism before…” —Avi

“Please send me poem so we can publish in the Author’s Voice.”— Evelyn

Only 7 likes on Facebook. I guess a lot of people found it too intellectual.




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