An Over-Ripened Body— A Mort Laitner Poem

An Over-Ripened Body


A Mort Laitner Poem

Holding back tears of revenge, he swayed in front of her grave, “Honey, I promise you justice.”

Gripping the stems of six red roses,

a thorn pierced his skin. He felt no pain,

as red droplets landed on the stone.

Remembering her voice on the phone,

as she bragged about her exploits with the brothers.

In explicit detail she described what they

made her do.

Shooting pain into her over-ripened body

with no regards for the consequences.

Rendering her pills ineffective, as

her mouth ran and sputtered like an old Edsel engine.

Listening to her calls, they knew she was out of control.

They feared her mouth and threatened her over-ripened body.
“Honey, if you don’t shut up, there will be severe consequences.”

They kept their promises and so would he.

He knew he had enough money and contacts to get the jobs done.

The brothers had so many enemies.

He was a hero and no one would ever suspect him.
Readers comment:

Thx Mort, read it a number of times. Made me feel a great number of women avenged… A wonderful, poignant poem. Submit it to the contest, any contest.— Eva

Hi Mort,

Love your poems.
This one is great.
I am hosting my Quarterly Poetry Reading at my home tonight.
May I have your permission to read your poem on your behalf at the reading tonight.—Norma