AHO On Sale In Fellsmere

330px-Fellsmere_FL_Fell_Library01Well if you want to buy “A Hebraic Obsession” in Central Florida, it can now be purchased at Ditch 13 Gallery and Gifts (46 North Broadway, 772-918-8467) in Fellsmere. Note of interest to Readers of AHO you will remember that when you read the book the number 13 played an important role in the story. Therefore, the irony that it can be found in a gift shop with the number 13 in its name.

For those who never heard of Fellsmere, it is one exit north of Vero Beach exit on I-95. Ditch 13 sells handmade gifts, local art and books on Florida history. You may ask where does AHO fit into Florida history. Well the chapters on my family’s trips to Miami Beach (1959-1966), my years at the University of Miami (1967-1971), my dad’s life and death in Boca Raton (1978-1988) and my years raising a family in Cooper City (1978-2013). That is a lot of Florida history.

Fellsmere is a blast into the past. Many buildings are over a hundred years old (See above photo of library). While visiting eat in Marsh Landing for old Florida cuisine, frogs legs, gator tail, catfish the best fried green tomatoes I have ever had and swamp cabbage. The walls of the restaurant are covered with artifacts of the old South. They also make an awesome Bloody Mary.

This town is a worthwhile stop on you trips across Florida. When you stop in to Ditch 13 say, “hi” to Nik Ruege for me and ask her for a copy of “A Hebraic Obsession.”