“A So-called Nation” A Mort Laitner Poem

th“A So-Called Nation”
A Mort Laitner Poem
Demean thy enemy by calling it a so-called nation
 As if deflated egos lead to surrender.
Demean thy so-called presidential politicians by calling them comedians
 as raw sewage flows from the upper end of their digestive tracts instead of rivulets of laughter.
Demean thy so-called minimum wage by calling it a living wage
 as if thanking the Almighty with “bathroom blessings”
 Will bring on regularity.

 A so-called nation of demeanors
 Too self-absorbed in self-deception 
failing to see how funny we have become.

What the readers are saying:

Excellent, Mort! It deserves a prize. —Ulrich

Love it Mort. Witty and sad. Sober and raw. Real and clear. You go Mort!—Eva


Thank you so much. How appropriate and how right you are. Our politicians … a joke. Well said.
For you to come up with such prose is a gift. Thank you, a pleasurable read.
All the best,——Gina

Only 3 likes on Facebook. Dark poetry like darkness does not attract many fans.


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