A Guide To Surviving The Camps



“The Ten Things I Learned From My Father On How He Survived Numerous Concentration Camps”

By Mort Laitner


  1. Having a sense of meaning in life is an absolutes necessity. (Victor Frankl) i.e. the beard, grooming,

protecting loved ones or friends, and bathing. i.e. The train in the Soviet Union.

  1. Luck can be your greatest ally.
  2. Learning and practicing survival techniques will increases your chances for another day of survival.

You know that you can do with little. i.e. three days with almost no food you have done it before. realizing you are on your own.

  1. Being superstitious and looking for signs can give you hope to live another day.
  2. Learning not to standout or making yourself close to invisible is form of protection.
  3. Learning to take advantage of every opportunity is critical. i.e. grease in the jar.
  4. Taking risks is imperative. i.e. Hiding the ill and demanding honesty, on return from Russia.
  5. Teamwork can save your life. i.e. girl friend and dad on arrival to camp.
  6. Taking advantage of your strengths and realizing your weaknesses. You must learn to live day by day.

i.e. a doctor, relatively young and healthy, able to work, speaks German and other languages.

  1. Understanding the psychology of your enemies your friends and your own. i.e. eye contact, honor, liars.


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