WTF—A Mort Laitner Essay

I turn on the TV and a  whole bunch of torch-waving Nazis are chanting,

“Jews will not replace us!”

I listen as the commentators mock the Nazis for marching with Walmart Tiki torches.


 Is that the best these pundits can do?

Pick on the Nazis for their tackiness.

The talking heads forget to analyze the JWNRU quote.

I think— over their heads, no historical perspective (Nuremberg laws— jobs and blondes), too close to some invisible line.

WTF are those Nazis screaming about?

We’re standing next to you in the unemployment line.

We’re driving the Uber next to your pickup. (Pickups don’t qualify as Ubers.)

We’re flipping McDonalds while you’re boxing the Happy Meals.

We’re greeting Walmart customers while you’re stocking shelves.

We’re lying prone on the same rifle range, blowing the same ammo.

You can’t replace us (Defined: take the place of someone) when you are already in the same place.

Well then, are Nazis howling about replacing “The Jews” in fields of science, economics, the arts, computer technology?

Here you have a problem.

Suckers, ya gotta pay some dues before you invent something.

I haven’t seen any American Nazi as leaders in nuclear physics or bioengineering.

I haven’t seen any famous American Nazi doctors, lawyers, college professors and Nobel prize winners? 

Forget about replacement for just one second and just think up one name.

Well, there aren’t any.

They don’t exist.

You may ask why?

Because racism does not require brains or a degree.

Just the ability to march, to chant and to carry torches.

Just the ability to drive cars into humans.

Just the ability to hate.

You’re a breed of bigots who have studied how the Nazis kicked us out of the line. (See Nuremberg laws)

Which makes you:

wannabe line-jumpers;

wannabe gate closers;

a breed of fear-mongers who are too lazy to earn the job.

Obviously, your abusive parents failed to  teach you that:

 you gotta get the degree to get the job;

 you gotta be seated on the bench to get to play on the field;

that there are consequences for your actions and inactions.

But you Nazis may be right in a small way.

Jews will not replace you in the art of intimidation, nor bullshit, nor in the field of lies.

Jews will not replace you in the college of bigotry and hatred.

Thank G-d!

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What the readers are saying:

Right on Brother!—Eva

So true Mort but the people who need to read this won’t.—Kim

The truth may be hard for some to swallow but you tell it like it is! Thank you Mort!—Toby

What’s crazy is I had this visualization in the last hour & called a friend. Mine had pitchforks, broomsticks & other gardening tool’s in a walk to our State Capital.—Camille

Well written and thank you.—Hiram


Mort, a very powerful essay!!—Marianne

Hi Mort, Another good one. —Ricki

Good Mort!—Ulrich

Great.— Barbara

Well said.—Elaine

Jason— The word Nazi seems to be the new word of the month. Prior words being Racist, Alt right, tea baggers etc…..
AmberActually pickups can used as an uber car . You sound like a bigot. Like all country southern people drive pickups and are Nazis
Jason— Makes a post complaining about bigotry by being a bigot
JujuOuch. Who would they hate w/o the Jews.
Ed — I don’t want to replace them at their convenience store jobs.


September 3, 2017

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