Our “Stairs” Marathon Continues With Number 26

After one year of entering film festivals, we stopped. Then came a string of rejections. We thought our run was over. “The Stairs” had had a great run with acceptances to 25 festivals. We thought our journey had ended.

Well life is full of surprises! And we got one. Number 26 hit us like a slash of cold pool water.

Here is what the acceptance said:

“We are please to announce that your submission to The Miami Beach Film Festival has been selected to screen and compete at the festival. Your festival laurels are attached.
The Miami Beach Film Festival will be held on January 13-15, 2018, at The Marco Polo Beach Resort, 19201 Collins Avenue, North Miami Beach, Florida”

As I read the name of the hotel, I pictured the Geico commercial. Marco is fully dressed, standing in an above ground swimming pool as three kids play Marco Polo. He says in Italian,” Si, scusi“. He thinks the kids are looking for him. This clever ad that features a llama watching the proceeding.

Well, MBFF doesn’t have to look for us. We will be there because of their enticing words, “The Miami Beach Film Festival Provides An Innovative Perspective To Connect Modern Independent Filmmakers, Songwriters, & Screenwriters, With A Unique Audience.
We Have A Live Screening Festival Featuring A Red Carpet Reception In Beautiful Miami Beach Florida.
Film Festival Attendees Enjoy Warm Beaches And Exciting Nightlife.
We Encourage Independent Filmmakers, Screenwriters, & Songwriters Worldwide To Submit As Our Festival Highlights Creativity And Unique Vision.”

Thanks Miami Beach Film Festival. What a pleasant surprise.
We’ll see you in the pool for a game of Marco Polo. Because we like the great 13th century Venetian explorer, Marco Polo, did not always know where on our “The Stairs” journey we were going.
We often swam blindly but kept our ears wide opened. Hoping to tag on to the joys of film making. And we like Marco succeeded.

August 22, 2017

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