The Certificate

“The Certificate”

By Mort Laitner

On June 20, 2017, I proudly received a speaker’s certificate from the Tampa Ameet Chapter of Hadassah for sharing my family’s story in my book and in my film.

The Hadassah certificate bares mentioning in that it is a work of art. It reminded me of my decorated ketubah.

Before my eyes swirling watercolors of gold, yellow, red, green, purple, blue and pink melted into the page.

A tableau filled with: two fierce lions of Judah protecting a flaming oil lamp, flowers, Hebrew script (which I can not translate but I think one of the words is Hadassah), butterflies, and a skull cap emblazoned with Stars of David.

The watercolor artist fringed the top of the picture to give the impression of a tapestry or a chuppah but he or she left no identifying initials.

I pictured this canvas as a stained-glass temple window.

I thought ,”What symbolism for a women’s Zionistic organization.”

Lions for strength and protection, a lamp for lighting the way for the righteous, the wise and for love, butterflies and flowers for the beauty of creation, Hebrew words and a Magan David for the State of Israel.

Finally, I thought, “What better way to honor an artist than to give him a symbolic work of art.

June 24, 2017

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