“Only Historians” A Mort Laitner Poem

Only Historians—A Mort Laitner Poem

I saw the severed head, covered in blood.

Not an ISIS act of terror but a photographic work of art.

The woman held the decapitation by the hair—like a trophy. But her quizzical look said, “What did I just do?”

This photo brought back college memories:  French History 101, La Révolution, la guillotine, la bastille, Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI, the Bastille, liberté, egalité, fraternité, “Let them eat cake”, the Women’s March on Versailles,”

A time when resistance and revolution put fear in the hearts of the 1%.

Fear of mobs!

Fear of clenched fists!

Fear of the hungry!

A time when cause and effect lunched on the Champs-Élysées.

 A time when revenge tasted so sweet that it filled bellies.

Then a daughter of the 1% cried out for blood of the woman in the photograph. “She must

be taught a lesson. Off with her head.”

I saw the severed head of the comedian kicked down the national hallway and realized that the 99% never took French History 101.


What the readers are saying:

Interesting to read your story about Marie Antoinette. She was only 15 when she married Louis XIV and he was 16. When she was 37 her life ended~~~the guillotine!!

For awhile I have had a card and will send it to you.
I always enjoyed history and learned a lot about it.
Kathy Griffin should have thought before she did what she did.
Our words and actions can hurt. I simply wish that people could be nicer.
No matter what we do enjoy our lives—Marieanne

Don’t forget Hammurabi’s code—an eye for an eye and a head for a head!;)—Toby

Mort interesting take.—Maureen

Very good.— Terry



Your poetry misses the point by 100 % … KG insulted any sense of decency that we have left as a country, it was grotesque, vile, and plain stupid (lacking any sophistication). Disgusting! For the record, the French Revolution you mentioned killed 3 million peasants that no one talks about, and the Communists in Russia justified their massacres on what the French did with impunity … So, KG, cannot claim that what she did is a work of art, that she was misunderstood, that she is somewhat revolutionary… She is a lost soul, that’s the best I can say about her.—Mircea

Don’t you love it when they give you a percentage of how much you missed the mark?!! People love to judge and use numbers in their judgment. Don’t you love human behavior  —Steven



June 3, 2017

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